Friday, November 9, 2012

A benefit of homeschooling...?

Just because your child is "sick," doesn't mean they have to miss school. 
I would tend to call this a benefit.  I'm guessing most children would not agree.

My family has had a minor stomach bug going around this week.  I was feeling at my worst on Sunday and since then have been mostly fine, except for being so. darn. tired!  Primus is acting totally fine but she puked once yesterday afternoon and then again today (she overdid it mowing the lawn.)  Before and after each incident she was jumping around and being mostly normal (maybe just acting a little tired.)

So, if she had been attending "regular" school, they would have sent her home early on Thursday.  And then I would have been expected to keep her home today to make sure she was fine.  So that would have been 1 1/2 wasted school days!  And then she would have had to make up that work after the holiday weekend. 

But since we homeschool, we were able to keep on schedule! 

Poor kid, I'm sure she's going to hate that "perk" as she becomes older. 

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