Monday, January 21, 2013

Schooling through Illness

Thankfully, we don't often get sick around here (the sole exception being the Hubby.)  And even when we do get sick, it usually doesn't seem to be a big deal.  This latest sicky-season has been really annoying, though!  (Again, since Hubby is the glaring exception, I'm not even going to discuss him here.  He has been fighting a cold and stomach flu off and on for a couple weeks!)

Apparently there is a stomach bug, or two, going around.  Tertius threw up the night before Quartus was born.  He was totally symptom free by the next morning, though.  Secundus caught it next the day after I came home from the hospital.  She was fine within 24 hours, though.  Then after church a couple days later Primus and I suddenly started having bowel and stomach issues.  But again, it was short and we were good by the next morning.  Even Quartus seemed to have caught it.  It seemed like he was spitting up everything he drank for about a day.

It's been a week since then and I figured we were done with all that.  So I planned to get back into our routine today.  But apparently this stomach flu is making a second round!  A couple days ago Tertius randomly puked right before bedtime and has had loose stools.  And then Primus started having stomach and bowel issues again last night.  Who's next?!

So, long story short, I decided to push through and do school today anyway.  I was just itching to get back to routine! 

But since Primus was moping about all morning and making frequent runs to the bathroom, we couldn't do school totally as normal.  We started our day the same with prayer, scripture memorization, Daily Language Review, and journal time.  But then we watched three educational videos I picked up from the library.  The rest of the afternoon was spent doing puzzles while I read aloud 5 chapters of Little House in the Big Woods. 

Sometimes you've gotta improvise and go with the flow!

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