Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epiphany: Why I Don't Need a Teaching Credential

I was just reading this blog post:

And when I got to number two I went, "Oh my gosh!  So that's why states shouldn't require homeschooling moms to have a teaching credential!" (Go here to read about the legal battle a few years ago in California regarding this.)

In case you're too lazy (tired, busy, uninterested) to read the above post, the blogger claims that, "See, a teaching degree prepares a person for things like classroom management. It doesn’t really cover what to teach, as many assume." 

My homeschool definitely does not look like your average public school classroom.  Why would I need to learn about things like classroom management?  As a mother, I'm learning on-the-job everyday how to manage my household and children.

Before kids came along, my goal was to get a bachelors in Liberal Studies and an elementary teaching credential.  Before my boys were born, I was still going to school and taking one or two classes a semester.  I eventually earned an AA in Liberal Arts (and one class away from a second AA.) 

So, no, I don't have a teaching credential.  (I don't even have a bachelors, but I suppose that is an argument for another day.)  But am I any less qualified to teach my own children?  No!  And while I would still love to go back and finish my bachelors, I no longer feel the need to get a credential. 

As was quoted above, a teaching degree doesn't cover what to teach.  Oh, a credential program probably discusses what is required by state standards.  But there is so much more to learn in life than state standards!  Especially for homeschoolers, there are so many different curricula and resources out there.  I love the freedom I have to choose things based on what I know will work best for my children's individual learning styles and passions.

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