Saturday, October 19, 2013

A week where bookwork was set to the side...

This has been a crazy, busy week.

 I had to practice a musical number for church with a couple other ladies nearly everyday, I visited a friend in the hospital, we did another Tent Town (post coming soon) on Thursday so the backyard needed to be cleaned up, and I had a pomegranate-seeding party so the house needed to be cleaned and the pomegranates picked. The kids spent lots of time helping me and also playing while I did solo chores.

Most of our typical school work was definitely skipped this week.  I am so thankful that we homeschool so had the freedom to take a break from the normal routine and decide to focus on different priorities.

This week learning how to babysit (with Mom in the next room) and be responsible for younger siblings was more important than a math worksheet.

Learning how to select and pick the best ripe pomegranate was more important than a grammar lesson.

Working together with siblings and building an awesome train track was more important than a spelling test.

Learning how to hold a dustpan steady and sweep up the porch was more important than handwriting practice.

Learning the importance of service and mourning with those that mourn was more important than a history lesson.

Contributing to the upkeep of the home for the benefit of the whole family was more important than a book report.

Playing with a new friend (the son of one of the singers) and learning to respect his belongings and his house rules was more important than reading a chapter of a novel.

We did learn a lot this week, but I will also be glad to get back to our routine on Monday!

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  1. more important than a history lesson?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blasphemer!