Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Reading Marathon

This morning I had several mom friends over for a Summer Reading Marathon.

Pottery Barn Kids has a great summer reading program where you have to read a specific number of books to your child from their specific list.  Once you've done that, your child gets to pick out a free book to take home.

So I sent out the Facebook invites, went to the library, gathered all 14 books we were going to read, and made a plan of how to execute this in a way to keep the kids' attention through more than a dozen stories.

Then just a few days before the event, I realized that I was looking at the requirements and book list from a past year!  Good news was that we only had to read 8 stories.  Bad news was that I only had 3 of the correct books.  So after another trip to the library and some time browsing on Youtube, we were finally ready.  (Side note: if I had realized sooner that we had to do only 8 books, I would have considered making this another Tent Town.  But with how hot it is, I think it's for the best that we did it this way instead.)

To be mindful of short attention spans, I divided our marathon into 4 separate sections.  We were done with everything in just about an hour.

1. Living room.  I sat in my rocking chair while they sat on the floor and I read, "Llama Llama and the Bully Goat" by Anna Dewdney.  Then I turned on youtube and we watched "Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes" by James Dean

2.  School room.  Everyone held their favorite stuffed animal while I read "Corduroy" by Don Freeman after a brief discussion about teddy bears.  The second book I read was "How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?" by Jane Yolen.  (The first picture in that book has a dino holding a teddy bear.)

3. Kitchen Floor.  They all ate popsicles (apple juice, strawberries, and bananas blended together and frozen in dixie cups) while I read "What Brothers/Sisters Do Best" by Laura Joffe Numeroff and "Grammy Lamby and the Secret Handshake" by Kate Klise.

4.  Living room again.  Everyone got to wrap a blanket around their shoulders and get comfortable while I read "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.  Finally we watched "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" by Sherri Duskey Rinker. 

Now next week we'll have a playdate and go pick out our free books together.

P.S. Don't forget to check out your local library's summer reading program and the one at Barnes and Nobles, too!


  1. That activity was stellar! Way to keep everyone's attention. :)

    1. Thanks! I love doing things like this and am so glad it was a success. I'm glad you came!