Monday, August 18, 2014

Schultuten and First Day Pictures

We started our first day of school with our new tradition: School Cones (or Schultuten in German)!  It's a pretty cool old tradition in Germany.  Basically, kids receive a cardboard cone full of goodies like candy and school supplies on the first day of the new school year.  Google it.  It's neat.

Anyway, this is our second year.  It was such a hit last year and the kids were so excited to receive them again.  The fillings and how I would decorate them were a surprise so everyday that Primus saw the blank empty paper cones sitting next to my chair she would remind me, "Don't forget to finish them before Monday!"  These simple cones made the kids look forward to the first day of school!

You would have thought it was Christmas morning and they were opening their stockings!  This year they got breakfast plus a small toy.  Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, a juice box, an applesauce squeeze pouch, a fruit roll-up, and a Minion toy (I think they're from a happy meal.  Hubby found a whole bag of them at a Stuff Swap.)

Our other First Day tradition is pictures before school.  We don't do fancy or cute or Pinterest worthy.  Homeschooling for us means no adorable pictures next to the front door wearing new clothes and an over-sized backpack and holding a hand-crafted sign.  Homeschooling for us means taking pictures in the messy living room wearing pajamas and holding a schultute after searching the house high and low for the camera for a half hour. :)

Primus.  Third Grade.  My super responsible special helper and Amazon woman. 

Secundus.  First Grade.  My "smarty-pants" (by her own description.)

Tertius.  Preschool.  My rough-and-tumble, Energizer Bunny, stereotypical boy. 

What special first-day-of-school traditions do you have?

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