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Spouse and Family Support Guide, Chapter 6 Bear One Another's Burdens

My intro from Chapter 1: "Last semester Hubby had a class on Tuesday nights which made it difficult for me to attend the Family Support Group that I used to facilitate.  But now I have started going back and am loving it!

"I used to go primarily to help other people.  But now I have to choose to go for myself.  It's a wonderful mid-week gospel study and testimony meeting.  You don't have to have an addiction or know someone who has an addiction to benefit from this group!

"I'm trying to be better (again) about my personal nightly scripture study.  I've decided that every night I am going to study the Spouse and Family Support Guide.  This is the manual we discuss in the meetings.  I'm journaling my answers to the discussion questions, and thoughts I have as I study the Personal Learning and Application section.  And since I do better at sticking to things when I have outside accountability and feel obligated, I'm going to blog my journals here.

"These will not be my unedited journal entries.  The really personal stuff will be saved for my own reflection and for sharing in the confidential meetings.  I also won't be including the many, many quotes that touched my heart and that I highlighted in the additional readings linked at the end of each chapter.  You're going to have to go read and find those gems yourself!"

Please follow the link, read along, and share your own thoughts in the comments if you feel so inspired.

Chapter 6 Bear One Another's Burdens

I'm so glad I decided to rededicate myself to going to the Family Support Group regularly! I need that spiritually uplifting opportunity every week. It's like attending a testimony meeting every Tuesday. It feels good to be able to serve and support others in their trials, and also feel unconditional love, support, compassion, and understanding from others towards me. It lifts my spirit! It helps me always remember God's love for me. It helps me feel motivated to do the things I know I need to do, not just for the benefit of becoming closer to my Heavenly Father, but also because I feel accountable in a way to these other people. They encourage me to be better. I want them to be proud of me and I want to be strong so that I may help them become strong.

I'm thankful for my Bishop, for his wisdom, inspiration, and counsel from Heavenly Father.

I think pride is ultimately the obstacle in my way for seeking support in my trials.

I love the Addiction Recovery Program and the Family Support Group!

I love the caveat that the reading gave under “Priesthood and Relief Society Leaders.” It says to be mindful that leaders may not understand addiction. So while they can bless, guide, and give us direction through inspiration from the Lord, we may have to help them understand what is really going on in our lives. How can our leaders know we need more guidance unless we tell them that!

I can be a support to others passing through similar trials as me by first strengthening myself. I can't lift someone up unless I am on higher ground by being more spiritually/emotionally healthy myself. Then I can testify of truth and of God's love and Christ's Atonement and how that has changed my life.

I love my husband as I love my own soul, like Jonathan swore to David. He is my best friend, one that I can turn to for support more than anyone else, save Heavenly Father and the Savior. As his wife and friend, I want to buoy him up, as well, in his trials.

“...and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.” This is so hard for me!

Who does God want me to succor, lift, and strengthen?

bear one anothers burdens = be a friend

The Savior is my perfect friend.

The Holy Ghost becomes a constant companion with faith and obedience.

I am not the Savior's servant, but His friend.

Being a good example is being a good friend.

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