Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I support your right to choose the best educational path for your child...

Blogging homeschool moms post all the time about the stupid/ignorant/silly/annoying questions they receive from non-homeschoolers (my favorite is here.)  A related frequent topic is "how to handle criticism and deal with lack of support." 

I am amazed and pleased to say, however, that I have never encountered anywhere near the amount of disapproval that I expected to. 

Whenever it comes up in conversation, people will usually respond with something like, "Oh, cool.  My cousin/friend does that, too."  And anytime one of my friends asks me about it, I feel that their questions are sincere and come from a place of genuine, respectful curiosity. 

Homeschooling is definitely becoming more "mainstream" and accepted.  Even people of older generations have expressed encouragement to me, including my Grandma!

Bottom line is, I am so thankful that I have the freedom and opportunity to educate my children in the way I feel is best for them.  And I am even more thankful for the support that I receive from those around me. 

I hope I am likewise showing all my friends the same support for the education decisions they have made for their own children!

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