Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lincoln Memorial...Really??

I got this picture in a United States themed poster pack.  It's the Lincoln Memorial.  But would you have known that if it didn't say so at the bottom of the picture? 
If you were going to teach grade-school kids about the Lincoln Memorial, don't you think you would show them a picture like this?  You know, one that is looking at the front where you can see the iconic statue of Lincoln inside?
But no, this is a photo of the back of the memorial...with trees obscuring half of it.  There's a better picture of it on the penny!  The absolute ridiculousness of it almost makes me laugh.  Almost.  I just...I can't...WHY??

Hubby thinks it's hilarious and actually really likes it because he thinks Lincoln is overrated (he's probably going to kill me for that oversimplification.)  He even put it up on his man-cave wall. 

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