Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Reading

My brother and sister-in-law send their kids to public school.  So whenever any one of our kids does something quirky, we like to tease, "Oh, it's because you homeschool/ It's because you send them to public school."  Good times. 
Well, this summer I decided to fully embrace the image I have in my head of the weird-homeschooling-aunt-who-makes-the-kids-learn-during-summer-break.  So I set to work making book bags for my three kiddos plus my four nieces/nephews.

I made two different sizes.  The bigger ones are for the little kids and they can fit the largest picture books.  The smaller ones, for the kids who can read, are a good size for several leveled readers or chapter books.  The idea is that they can look through my personal library, pick out several books to start with, and store them in their bags.

Also inside the bags, the kids will find:

* Book Journal-found in the dollar section at Target.  At the end of the summer, I'll give them a candy for each book that they write about.
* Book log/activity sheet from our local public library.  Once the kids fill these up, I'll take them to the library so they can pick out a free book to keep.
* Book log from Barnes and Noble.  The kids will each get a free book for completing this, too.
* Zippered pencil case and pencil.  These were provided by our public library when we signed up for the summer reading program.
* That rectangle piece of cardboard at the top right of the picture came inside the pencil cases.  We're going to do some fun bookmark craft with it!

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