Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adapting an educational game for 3 levels...

This year Secundus is working on learning her Dolch sight words.  This great website has some cute printable board games to be used to help your child  practice.  But since she is the only kindergartener in her classroom, who can she play the game with?

Well, we have an easy fix; Primus and Tertius love to play, too! 

Here's what we do: when it is Primus' turn, she has to write one of her spelling words (as selected by me) on her whiteboard.  Secundus has to pick and read a sight-word card for her turn.  And on his turn, Tertius has to identify a letter of the alphabet.  If they get their word/letter right, then they get to roll the dice. 

One game.  Three levels of play.  Three children having fun learning.  One happy mommy.

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