Sunday, September 15, 2013

"I be a Man!"

I decided that I want to make a more conscious effort to encourage Tertius to be a gentleman.  

Here's a fun picture of my little ladies and gentleman having a fun "tea party" with my breakable dishes-a rare treat!  They love to do this.  They pick costumes from the dress up box and eat their finger sandwiches while practicing their best manners and saying things like, "Isn't this lovely, darling?"

Once a week the girls have a four-and-a-half hour class in a town thirty minutes away.  Since it's a long drive, it doesn't make sense for me to drop them off and then come back to pick them up.  So that means I have to find something to keep the boys and I occupied nearby.  

I am really enjoying this time with just my boys!  We usually do an errand, have a picnic lunch, play at a park, and visit the library.  

Last week I asked Tertius to hold open the door to the library for me so I could get the stroller through.  I praised him and went on and on about how polite he was being and what a little gentleman he was.  He seemed very pleased with himself.

The next week, before I could ask him to, he ran over to the door and held it open for me.  As I walked through he proudly proclaimed, "I be a man!"  

I couldn't have been prouder of him.  Yes, son, you are learning to be a real man.  A gentleman.

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