Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reading Tent Town 5

We did our latest Tent Town (and last one of the school year) a few weeks ago.  By now, we've pretty much got things down-pat.

This time our main story was Each Peach Pear Plum.  Grandma Cindy then made binoculars (two toilet paper tubes wrapped in construction paper and glued together) for the kids to decorate.  Then they got to wander around the yard and "eye-spy" pictures of the characters from the book that we printed out.

 The other stories read were: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, How Do Dinosaurs..., The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Little Critter stories, Elephant and Piggie stories, Frog and Toad, and Giggle Giggle Quack

To save on ink, I've printed the tent signs the last few times in black and white.  My kids love coloring them for me before I hang them on the tents.

 Line up the cards like this and pre-write the kids' names on them along the left side. It will be easier to find the kids' cards and pass them out when it's time.

I've learned that in the early afternoon the sun shines right on this side of my yard.  And it gets pretty hot and uncomfortable for the mom sitting by the tent.  Easy fix: turn the door of the tent around so the tent's shadow lays across the entrance where the mom is. 

 For the treat at the end that the kids earned, I made popsicles.  They were just apple juice, strawberries, and bananas blended together and frozen in little Dixie cups.  They didn't go along with any theme, but they were perfect on this hot day!  And doesn't Quartus look adorable with the cold mess on his face and shirt?

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