Monday, May 19, 2014

The Two Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling

I LOVE my public schooling friends. I love to hear about the wonderful things their kids learn and do in their classrooms. I love to hear about wonderful public school teachers who are dedicated, kind, and creative. I trust that my friends strive to make the best choices for their kids and it is not my place to say they should do something different. I will never say that homeschooling is the *best* option for *every* child.

(And if you vent to me about something about your kid's public school experience that is less-than-desirable, I will listen with a sympathetic and friendly ear. I will NOT tell you condescendingly, "You wouldn't have this problem if you homeschooled!")

All that said, you should read this blog post. Blogger Matt Walsh has some excellent points to counter two of the biggest arguments against homeschooling. Warning, though: he is pretty blunt and abrasive. 

 Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling

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