Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hook's Revenge-Pirate Face

 Enjoy this lovely pictures of the girls giving me their best Pirate Face.

A friend of a friend wrote a book called Hook's Revenge.  By sharing our pirate face picture, we have a chance to win some cool stuff related to the book.  And you can enter, too! 

Why do I care about this contest?
1) The story came highly recommended as a fun adventure
2) I recently read a book to the kids from a different author that was also set in Neverland.  They loved it!  We're currently picking out way through the original Peter Pan, as well so this might be a good fit for us.  Though, Hook's revenge does appear to be for older kids.  That's ok, I'll read it and then pack it away with my growing stash of literature for the kids.
3) Who doesn't love free stuff?

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  1. Aww! Adorable! Thanks for entering and good luck!