Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paper Graduation Cap

 Finally, here's the tutorial I promised.  Just in time for next year!  :)

Cut a 9X12 piece of black construction paper in half longwise.

Staple the ends together to form the circular band.  Do it so the flat side of the staple is against the kid's head and the ends are pointing out so they don't grab hair.

Cut a second piece of 9X12 black construction paper into a square.

Cut little notches all around the band you made and fold them perpendicular. 

Glue the little tabs to the square paper.

 Once you try it on your child's head, you'll want to trim the band down so it's not as tall.

Glue a little black pom pom to the center top of the square paper.  Wrap the string of your tassel around it and glue that down.

To make the string:
Take a long piece of yarn and twist it tightly.  As you twist it, fold the yarn in half.  It will twist on itself.  Tie the ends together in a knot and it won't unravel. 

The make the tassel:
Start making a large pom pom with 4 fingers like it shows here.  When you're done wrapping, fit the twisted string you made between the yarn on one end.  Tie a string close to that end, instead of in the middle. Finally, only cut the loops far away from where you tied it.

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