Friday, November 7, 2014

Declaring a new Holiday: Crazy Day

This has been one of those weeks where academics got moved to the back burner.

Tuesday I worked at a polling place all day and so I prepared lesson plans and scheduled a substitute teacher (Hubby.)  But then he became ill with an absolutely horrible stomach bug so school got cancelled.  The kids did come spend some time with me at the polling place, so I guess they got Social Studies that day, but that's it.

Wednesday I needed to make bow ties for a friend's wedding.  Plus, the house was a disaster and I was stressed out, so I told the kids we were taking a vacation day.  When Primus asked what holiday it was, I explained that I just needed a day off because I was feeling crazy.  She then promptly dubbed the holiday, "Crazy Day."  We did go to music class in the morning, so I guess we got one subject in again, but that's it.

Now here we are with today, Friday.  We have to leave by 11:30 to get to the wedding, which my kids are all in.  No school for us this morning.  Instead we'll be cleaning the kitchen (because it is still a stress-fueling disaster), bathing, curling hair, picking up dresses, packing lunches, making a reception delivery, and then enjoying lots of time with some people that we love!

This would be one reason I love homeschool: we can take vacation days when we need them.  Flexibility is nice.  If you miss 3 days of public school in one week with no doctors' note, don't you get detention or something?  For us, all we have to do is turn the upcoming Veteran's Day into a normal school day and plan to work through one of our Christmas vacation days (the charter school scheduled us for 3 weeks of holiday this year.)  The third missed day this week has already been taken care of because we worked through Labor Day and "banked" that for just such an occasion as this,

It could be argued that if the girls were at public school, then I wouldn't have needed to take random, impromptu days off due to "staffing issues."  But then I still would have had to deal with pickups and dropoffs and homework after school,  And I've said before that I can't stand being a slave to daily, inflexible pickup and dropoff times, and homework is awful.  Plus, that wouldn't solve the problem of the wedding being on a weekday afternoon.  So homeschooling works for us.

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