Thursday, November 20, 2014

Isn't one of those Wild Kratts named "Vulva?"

This morning I had Tertius, my preschooler, do journal time.  All he has to do is draw a picture and then tell me about it so I can write his explanation on his paper.

He's still at the stage where he just draws some scribbles and then decides afterwards what it is.  So he drew a bunch of circular scribbles and then hands the notebook to me.

Me: "Ok, tell me about your drawing."
Tertius: "It's a vulva."
Me: Blink.  Crickets.  "A what?"
T: "A vulva."
Me: "Do you remember what a vulva is?"
 (We use the correct anatomical terms for body parts in our house and he has sisters.  So I wasn't freaked out or worried, just surprised.  Usually he draws robots, monsters, or ninjas.)
T: "Yeah, from Wild Kratts!"
M: "Oh!  That character from the show!  What was her name?"
T: He stumbled a bit on trying to remember what her name was but kept coming back to insisting that it was "Avulva."
M: "Well, no, because a vulva is a girl's private parts."

I finally remembered that her name was actually Aviva and everyone in the house laughed and laughed.

I guess it's a good thing we homeschool!  I wonder what kind of note would come home from the teacher if this was at a regular preschool! :)

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