Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beowulf Costume

In September we read about Beowulf in Story of the World, volume 2.  Tertius usually isn't terribly interested in listening to our history lessons, but that day he was very glad that he stuck around!  A super strong warrior who fights a monster with his bare hands?  Right up this boy's ally!

When I asked the kids soon after what they wanted to be for Halloween, he was positive he wanted to be Beowulf.  In our Story of the World student pages, there was a Beowulf coloring page so we based his costume on that.

A long piece of brown fabric made a loin cloth and bracers. I used a sharpie to draw muscles on a white shirt. Finally, we needed a wolf hide for our fierce warrior to wear.  The closest we had was this big teddy bear.  I think it worked pretty well.  Though, Hubby may have wanted to hold a funeral for his poor old stuffed animal.

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