Thursday, August 4, 2016

Morning Routine Flip Charts

By the end of last school year, I was pretty sick of getting up in the morning and sounding like a broken record.  Come on, kids!  You know what you're supposed to do every morning before school starts or we can go somewhere!  It never changes!  I shouldn't have to say it anymore!

So I came up with a solution.  These flip charts.

They were made with manilla folders, construction paper for individuality, and clipart found on Google.  Velcro holds the pieces up when the tasks are completed.  Now that they've been used for a few months, I see that I need to go back and reinforce them with some clear contact paper.

Each kid has their own hanging on the kitchen wall and they're expected to help the younger ones when they're done with their own. At night I flip everything back down so it's ready for them the next morning.  It has been working beautifully!