Monday, August 29, 2016

Sit-Still-Squeezer (Part 2)

Two years ago I posted about the Sit-Still-Squeezer that I made for my active boy to play with to encourage him to sit still.  Just flour in a latex glove.  

He loved it.  It filled it's purpose.  And then it broke.  Flour everywhere.

I remade it a couple times.  I even made it in a rubber kitchen glove.  Since it's thicker, it lasted a really long time before it ripped open.  But even that was not indestructible.  So he's been without it for at least a year now.  

Thankfully, Tertius is maturing and doesn't really *need* this motivation to sit quietly as much anymore.  But I know it was a much loved toy.  So I finally made another one.

I actually made two this time.  And both of them are made with two rubber kitchen gloves.  Double layer hopefully means twice the life span!

The tops of the gloves are tied tightly with string.  One squeezer is full of flour again.  I had Tertius help me decide how much to put in and he wanted it full.  It's like a stress-ball consistency.  

The second one is popcorn kernels.  That one is not as full so it's got an interesting texture and you can squish the kernels all over.  

I've got one very happy boy.  He tried to convince me to say that these could be everyday toys instead of being saved for sitting quiet times.  I didn't go for it but am letting him play with them any way he wants for the rest of the day.  And now he's enthusiastically introducing his little brother to the simple joy that is playing with a glove full of dry food.

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