Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Prep for State Testing

I got the following message from the Assessment Department of our charter school with a link to a survey:
"The Assessment Department is seeking help from our parents. Every year we get questions about how to help with testing anxiety in students. We can direct parents to online resources but thought it would be better to get some input from our own families. 
"If you have any tips to offer to your fellow families about easing testing anxiety or general tips about preparing your students for testing, please share them! We have created a survey for this purpose and will consolidate and share your feedback with our families. "

The picture below shows a couple of my responses.  Maybe I was too honest?  ;)

I don't mind jumping through the necessary hoops to be a part of the charter school.  For us, the benefits of the charter outweigh the hassle of things like testing requirements.  But I refuse to act like the state testing matters.

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