Monday, October 3, 2016

Our Learning Spaces

Welcome to our Homeschool!  Come on in and get a tour of where we do our learning!

Ever since we moved into this house, I have hoped to get the kids outside more and use this awesome covered patio in the back yard for an additional learning space.  But that just hasn't happened.  I occasionally have declared an "outside day" and gotten them to sit at our small outdoor table or on blankets on the grass.  But it's never become a habit and not something they choose to do on their own.  

This year I was determined to change that!  I needed to make the patio more inviting and comfortable.  So first I got some leftover carpet from a friend and then moved our school table out there.  Now, if someone needs a large table space to spread out on to do a project or we're doing group learning, we'll have to do it outside (because, let's be real, the kitchen table is never clean enough.)

You can see to the right of the table in that picture above I have foam squares that link together to make another comfy place to sit and play or work.

Here's our school room.  I'm standing in the doorway from our living room, next to the kitchen.  You can see that every wall is just filled with books and educational supplies.  Tertius is sitting on a beanbag chair where the school table used to be.  We all usually prefer to sit on a couch or the floor to do our work, anyway, so a table really isn't needed in this room.  (Not pictured: the living room is a great place to do school work.  But all of our stuff lives here in the school room.)

Considering so much studying is done on laps all over the house, we have several boards and trays tucked beside a bookcase for easy access.

If anyone wants to work at a table but doesn't want to clean the kitchen table or go outside, then we have 3 desks.  This one is Primus' favorite spot to be because her legs are just getting too long to comfortably sit at the little school table anymore.

This cool little desk has a bunch of storage space, which I love.  It used to live outside on the patio but wasn't used very much, except by bugs making homes.

Finally, this tiny desk converts to an easel and isn't really big enough for anyone but Quartus.  He loves having a little space just for him to do his preschool workbooks.

What does your Homeschool look like?  Do you have a dedicated school room?


  1. I do have a schoolroom! You've seen it.

  2. No schoolroom in our house--just lots of learning taking place everywhere!

    Your schoolroom is awesome!