Thursday, September 29, 2016

Daily Schedule Chart 2016

I really like having a visual representation of our daily schedule so the kids know what's coming.  I come up with something new every year based on our needs.  

This year we all know the basic drill (snack of fresh fruit at same time every morning, science or history directly after snack, lunch at same time every day, literature after lunch, etc) pretty well.  So I didn't need to make up a detailed, rigid chart for the week, like in years past.  Most days will be the same, but we are comfortable with change and spontaneity.  Especially with the classes we have planned to attend, not every Wednesday, for example, will always be the same the whole year.  And I'm horrible at getting around to printing new schedules out when classes change.

This year I simply drew vertical lines on a 12X18 piece of thick art paper.  Then I got it laminated so I would have a good dry-erase surface.  To the right of every section there is a small piece of velcro.  

Every day I can use whiteboard pens to write up our schedule for the day.  Then for Tertius' and Quartus' benefit, I found little picture representations of the things we do frequently.  They have velcro on the back of them so I can attach them next to the correct words on the chart as needed.

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