Monday, September 5, 2016

Healthy Breakfasts for Lazy Summer Mornings

*I found this sitting in my Draft folder since summer 2015.  I have no idea why it never got posted!*

This summer I have found it very hard to wake up before the kids.  I sure am enjoying these lazy mornings where I get to sleep in, if only for a few minutes!  I do not, however, enjoy rolling out of bed to see that the kids (who are perfectly capable of getting themselves cereal and milk) have eaten goldfish or pretzels from our snack box for breakfast.  They're also perfectly capable of waiting for me to get up.  They won't starve, but good luck getting them to believe that!

So here was my solution (because expecting me to drag myself out of bed any earlier is unrealistic):
I made 72 Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins!  I plan to do a huge batch of banana muffins, too.

Don't they look great all bagged up and ready to go in the freezer?  I try to remember to grab a bag (each bag has 5 muffins) out of the freezer (which is in the garage) and throw it in the fridge each night.  But if I forget to, Primus knows where to find them.  I like them warm and have taught the kids how to put them on a plate in the microwave, but they ate them frozen this morning and loved them.

The kids have also been instructed to get themselves glasses of milk.  Even Tertius is perfectly capable of (and usually the first to remember to) put the gallon of milk on the table, even if it's completely full.  All of the kids know where the clean cups are and can reach them.  Secundus is capable of pouring everyone's glass if the gallon isn't too full.  Primus can do it if her sister can't.

So if the three big kids work together, which they're pretty good at doing, then they can make sure that everyone, even Quartus, will have tummies full of healthy goodness early in the morning!

An important part of homeschooling, and parenting in general, to me is preparing our kids to be independent adults.  In these few minutes before I'm alert and ready to face the day, my kiddos get a chance to practice important life skills!

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