Thursday, September 8, 2016

Curriculum 2016-17

In case you're interested, here's our plan for this school year.

This science book won't take us the whole school year to complete.  I haven't decided yet what to do once we finish.

This will be our third year working on Story of the World volume 2.  We've been distracted with learning about early US history and about Native Americans the past two years and so we've been making extremely slow progress through this book.  But I am determined to finish it now!

Primus is in 5th grade.  
She only has a few sections and activities left in her California History book from last year.
She's also almost done with the math level D book and will be starting level E soon.
I'm doing All About Spelling with both of the girls together.  Primus could definitely handle going faster, but I switched her to this method relatively recently and want to ensure that she has no gaps in her knowledge of spelling rules.
The Physics curriculum we'll be doing is written for "K-4th" because I originally bought it last year and never got to it.  It's not totally "beneath" Primus, but I definitely wanted her to have a rich science experience this year.  So she'll have opportunities to do some extra activities.  She specifically asked for chemistry sets because that's what we studied last year and it sparked her interest.

Secundus is in 3rd grade.  
She is about half way through with her math level C book so will be well into level D before the end of the year.
She will also get a chance to explore with a Snap Circuits set I have because she's pretty sure she wants to be an electrical engineer when she grows up.  Now she just needs to learn what that means!  :)

Tertius is in 1st grade.
 I can't remember where I found that My Vocabulary Journey packet, some random online source years ago.  That will be a fun way to practice spelling some commonly used words.  When he's done with that, then we'll move on to All About Spelling.
Quartus will be joining Tertius for his Literature curriculum.
I don't know if we'll actually get around to it this year, but I've got written down that he'll do some extra science learning from the Evan Moor science curriculum that I used with the girls at this age.  I really enjoyed that curriculum.

Finally Quartus is our 3.5 year old preschooler.  His plan for the year is to play with toys (educational and not), listen to his brother read, participate with the other kids' studies as he's interested, work in various workbooks, and do some preschool craft projects whenever he's in the mood.
He's a very bright little guy and has always been one to think, observe, and absorb everything.  As soon as I think he's ready, we'll pull out the Distar stuff and start working through that.  Until then, he'll have very casual interest-led days.

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