Monday, November 7, 2016

No, son, there are NO spiders in the grapes...

I'm a serious arachnophobe.  Sometimes it's just ridiculous.  I'm especially scared of Black Widows because those are plentiful here.  Money may be tight, but I still consider regular pest-control spraying an absolute necessity!

Meme created by Hubby. He doesn't like spiders, either, but he's a good man who always comes and squishes them for me. Once he helped me tear apart our entire bed/bedside table area at 10pm to look for spiders because I had the not-founded-in-any-real-evidence notion that there might be one trying to kill me in my sleep. True Love.

I had this conversation with 6 year old Tertius.  He was supposed to get the bag of grapes out of the fridge and wash them while I did dishes.

T: "Mom, do you think there's a black widow in the grapes?"
Me: (momentarily panicked) "Is there a spider in the grapes?!"
T: "No."
M: "Then why would you ask that?!"
T: "Because remember that lady who found a black widow in her grapes?"
M: "What are you talking about?"
T: "Remember!  You told us that story of that lady." (It was something in the news a couple years ago.)
M: "Well, I didn't remember that until now because I had worked so hard to not remember it.  Why would you bring that up and remind me of that possibility?  Freaked me out!"
T: (giggle)
M: "No, there probably isn't.  The chances are very low that would ever happen." (shudder.  so glad he's the one washing the grapes and not me.)

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