Monday, November 14, 2016

T-shirt Bags For Kids

My kids love bags of all sizes.  They have a whole tote full of purses, messenger bags, cloth bags, baskets, buckets, and backpacks.  I find them laying around the the house and car filled with all kinds of random toys or books.  

Here is a fun way to make a cute bag out of a t-shirt, without sewing a thing!  I often use size 6-8 shirts and fill them with new or gently used books for inexpensive, easy, personal, and practical birthday party gifts.

1. First, cut off the collar.  Keep your scissors close to the seam.

2. Next, cut off the the sleeves.  Again, stay close to the seam.

3. Then you need to cut strips on the bottom about 2 inches long.  I start by cutting it into 4 equal-ish pieces (no need to measure.)

Then I cut each of those 4 sections into thirds.

Don't forget to cut up the side of the shirt so you have 2 strips on each end.

4. Finally, tie square knots with each pair of strips.  This will close the bottom of the bag.

The finished product!

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