Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Recently I blogged about educational videos that we love.  A friend just introduced us to another winner: Storybots.

We've been watching this on Netflix.  This series is clearly aimed at Pre-K to 1st graders.  But among all the silliness, they really do a good job of teaching truths.  For example, one episode explains why the sky is blue.  It's done in a way so that my boys can understand.  But it's not too simplistic so it gives valuable knowledge in a memorable way to my girls, too.

I thought my girls would be bored by it.  But they are learning from it and love it.  They especially think the songs are highly entertaining.

My kiddos have watched all the episodes of Ask the Storybots and all the Super Songs at least 3 times.  The Storybots/Netflix need to release more!

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