Friday, June 30, 2017

I love my public schooling friends!

I hope this doesn't come as a surprise to any of my friends, but I love talking about education.  Not just homeschool.  I love talking about all types of education.

Here in California, we are very fortunate to have so many different options when it comes to school choice.  You could send your kid to their "neighborhood" public school, you can open enroll into a different public school in the same school district if you feel that is a better fit, there are charter schools of all stripes (Montessori, Waldorf, rigorous "college prep," etc), there are religious and secular private schools, there are dual-immersion language schools, and then of course if you want to you can homeschool.  If you choose to homeschool, you can either file a "private school affidavit" or enroll with a charter school that supports home education.

I really am in awe of all the options we have to choose from!  Every kid and every family is different.  They all have different needs, talents, interests, priorities, struggles, and learning styles.  It is so great that families can pick whichever path is best for them!

I feel strongly that homeschooling with a charter is the best fit for my family.  And I love to talk to families who are considering it and answer their questions.

But I also love to talk to my friends who have their kids in other types of schooling situations.

I love to hear about dedicated teachers who are making a difference.  I love to hear of schools that are having a positive influence on kids and families.  I love to hear creative and effective ideas.  I love to celebrate with you when your child earns a good grade on their spelling test.  I love to hear about the school carnivals, field trips, field days, class parties, open houses, and movie nights.

I also am interested in the not-so-happy conversations.  I love to hear other people's experiences-the good and the bad.  I will always listen with a sympathetic, nonjudgmental ear if you have a complaint or frustration of any kind about your kid's teacher, school, district, homework, bullying, etc.  Whenever one of my friends is griping about something, I promise I am never thinking in the back of my head, "You wouldn't have this problem if you homeschooled." When a friend is venting or we're discussing something that doesn't thrill them about their school situation, it's important to support them in the way that's most helpful to them!  Homeschool is just one option.  It's not a panacea.

I pride myself on being a good listener.  I hope all my friends know that they can lean on me for support even if we haven't made the same school choices.

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