Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of homeschool for Primus was August 15th. So far it is going great! I'm going to have to post more about that later. But here is a picture of her all ready for the first day of kindergarten, still in her pj's.

 Secundus's first day of preschool was August 23rd. She's going 5 days a week for 3.5 hours, like Primus did last year. I am pretty confident about my decision to put her in preschool even though she is only 3 and even though I am so passionate about homeschooling. Having something fun to do everyday that is special just for her alone is going to be really good for her. So far, she is loving it. On Thursday she was bawling because she was so upset that she had to come home after school. She was having fun and wanted to stay!

The first day went really well. She had no hesitation whatsoever. She was really excited. The following picture is really cute. As I was getting Tertius out of the car and into the stroller, I noticed that Primus had taken Secundus by the shoulders like so and was giving her a pep talk.

She was telling her things like, " Mommy and me want you to have fun and be a good girl, ok?" She is such a little mommy! I love my kids!!

She knew exactly what to do with her backpack and was so proud of herself. She told everyone she saw all about her Dora backpack.

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