Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I Love Homeschooling

1. We get to start the day with calendar and journal time in our pajamas.

2. We can do super fun stuff and call it "school." This week we held school at the grocery store as she shopped for pizza makings, armed with her own personal grocery list. The next day she used the things she bought to make little pizza faces for dinner. Here's to finding educational opportunities in everything! 3. We can go on field trips whenever we want. We've been learning about maps and today we went to Effie Yeaw nature center with a friend. As we were leaving, Primus was insistent that she wanted to get a map of the nature trails. So we picked one up and now this week we will study the map, reviewing what a compass rose and map key are. Then later in the week we will take a field trip to Effie Yeaw and follow our map to the river!

4. We get to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium for free! Every year they let homeschoolers go for free on particular days. So Hubby, the kids, and I will go in November. So excited!

5. Shopping for school supplies makes me happy. I read on a blog, "Most homeschoolers have a gene alteration that involves an intense lure to school supplies. There's something so satisfying about getting new boxes of colored pencils, glue sticks, and composition notebooks. Hit the sales and that will give you even extra boost of accomplishment, as this DNA for school stuff is often bonded with a frugal gene." So true!

6. We get to study what we want, when we want.

7. As a home-educator, I'm finding out that I qualify for some stores' teacher discount and rewards programs. Yay! More school supplies!

8. The charter school we are enrolled in (South Sutter) pays for all my books/supplies/extra curricular. Primus has started gymnastics and is loving it. A friend of mine has nieces who also go through South Sutter and they have taken horse-back riding lessons on the school's dime. That's what I love: these are activities and experiences that I would never be able to provide to my children on my own. (And they wouldn't get experiences like this in public school, either.)

9. I've learned that I am in an infinitely better mood, and I have more patience if I wake up early, before the kids get up. (That also means I have to go to bed early. I love staying up late!) Homeschooling has been the push I need to force me into this routine and it is working beautifully! I am getting more done, I am happier, and I am less stressed. And most importantly, I am enjoying my children more!

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