Wednesday, August 31, 2011

George Washington

Hubby gave Primus her first official history lesson a couple days ago. The next day, I asked her what she learned, partly so she could review, but also because I was curious what she would remember since I did not witness the lesson. Here is what she told me about George Washington and the Battle of Trenton:

He was the 1st President of the United States, which is our country.
He had 11 battles and 3 scores. And King George got lots of fails.
King George was a mean king. He didn't let people do a job for him. (Apparently this last part had something to do with him trying to explain taxation without representation. ??)
King George camped with his army. And Geore Washington wanted to sneak up on them. And then Washington and them got out of their boat and walked across the icy water because it was so icy.
George Washington was the leader of our country's battle. And they won. 3 scores.

I'm so proud!! Homeschool is so much fun!

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