Friday, September 2, 2011

I LIKE my kids and I WANT to be with them all day!

I've been reading a lot of homeschooling blogs. Tonight I stumbled upon one lady's posts of her Top 10 reasons that she homeschools.  Her #2 reason made me smile:

"I LIKE my kids and I WANT to be with them all day!"

I love this! I totally agree! For me, this goes along with my desire to be an at-home mom. I didn't go through 9 months of AGONY and hours of natural labor (per child) just to pay someone else to raise them, or for the government to teach them, and for someone else to be there for their special moments. I want to be the one to witness all the ups and downs of their lives.

And I love how this woman put it. She said, "I LIKE my kids," not, "I LOVE my kids." Of course every mom loves her kids. But it is a different thing to say that you LIKE them.

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