Thursday, September 29, 2011

Powder Horn Craft

Hubby is somewhat of a history freak. Primus is definitely going to get more instruction on history than the average Kindergartner.

Starting with Constitution Day earlier this month, we have been teaching Primus about George Washington and the Revolutionary War. In a book I got from the library, I found a fun idea for a craft: a paper mache powder horn. So as I was on my way out the door to pick up Secundus from preschool, I said, "Hey, honey? I want to do this craft. Can you give her a lesson on weapons of the Revolutionary War?"

I was expecting him to plan something for the next day or even the next week.
He was so excited about the idea! So before I even closed the door behind me, he had already grabbed his toy gun and several DVD's that had good clips of period weaponry, and was teaching her.

Several days later, I finally sat down with her to do the craft. We took a 12 inch square of poster board, rolled it up into the proper shape, and taped it. Then we covered it with newspaper strips dipped in a flour and water paste. We added extra strips to the pointed end and twisted them around and curved them up. After it dried over night, we painted it all white with a little black on the tip. The finishing touches were a string to carry it and a poster board cover for the big open part.

She is so proud of her powder horn. When she showed it off to daddy, he gave us a demonstration on how to load his toy gun. This powder horn is a great new toy and the girls have been fighting over it all night!

Oh, a fun note on that replica gun: Several years ago I got it on a whim from the dollar store for Hubby for Christmas. Hubby thought it was so awesome! Seriously, it was his favorite gift that year. One time he took it to cub scouts. Big mistake! It's broken and permanently in the cocked position so it no longer fires those rubber darts. He is totally bummed. So I've gotta keep my eyes open for another one.

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