Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Book of History

The Homeschool Village wrote a review a little while ago abou the Big Book of History.  They also held a contest to give 3 away.  And guess what?  I won!  We were super excited when it arrived in the mail. 

The Big Book of History is just a fold-out 15 foot long timeline.  It is made by a Christian publisher so it starts with Adam and Eve and ends with today.  It has so much information about a ton of stuff.  World history, Biblical history, technological history, etc. 

We all had fun looking at it, reading a couple entries, and just marveling at how many years have passed since several different events.  While the information is mostly too advanced for Primus right now, it is very helpful to be able to give her a visual representation of how long ago things happened.  And I really like that it includes Biblical events because she can easily find the entry that says, "Jesus is born."  And then that gives her a good reference point for anything else that we are studying. 

Love it!

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