Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Eat a Lollipop

We were unable to watch General Conference on Conference weekend so instead have downloaded it.  We are picking our way slowly through it, watching a talk or two at a time.  (Should I emphasize *embarrassingly slowly*?  We just finished the Saturday afternoon session finally.)

Tonight the kids were told to each pick a sucker and then sit down to listen.  The plan was that the suckers would keep their mouths busy and keep them quiet.  We had only watched a couple minutes, though, before Secundus had already chewed up her sucker completely and Primus had thrown hers away because it was "too hard to bite" (it was a very thick one.)  My plan didn't work!

So we paused the video, we each picked new lollipops, and Hubby proceeded to give them a thorough lesson on how to enjoy it.  The lesson was complete with demonstration and practice of licking, sucking, and saying, "Mmmm...tasty."  The number one rule was, "No biting!"  The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

We learn very important lessons in our house!

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  1. That's cute! I never thought that kids would need to be taught how to enjoy a lollipop. Haha