Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Math Games

As I said before, I decided to hold off on doing anymore math lessons from our Modern Curriculum Press book until Primus has mastered her addition and subtraction facts. 
That means she is doing a lot of math wrap-ups and games.  Flash cards don't seem to be working for her, and only make me frustrated.  So instead I can just set her up with a game, step back, and let her practice without undue pressure.  To give her some accountability, she has to write down her score at the end of each round so I can see if she is improving. 

Here are a few free games we have found that she's been doing:

*Math Facts, Math Games for Kids  
This first one is very low-tech.  No frills here.  But it's nice because it times you and has you check your answer before you move onto the next problem.

*Are you a Math Magician?
This one is nice and big and has a very easy to understand count-down timer.  Once you finish the set number of questions, it tells you how long it took you and what percentage you got right.  If you get 100%, then it allows you to print out a certificate.  The downside is that there is no way of knowing which problems you got wrong.

*Sheppard Software
These games are really fun and colorful.  Primus' favorites are Fruit Shoot (fruit with numbers on them bounce around the screen and you shoot the one that is the answer to the problem attached to your cursor) and Pop-up Math (you have to feed the penguin that has the correct answer to the problem given.)

*OCSD Interactive Games
We've been playing Ghost Blasters 2 a lot.  You select what sum you want to be looking for (example, 10.)  Then ghosts with numbers on them appear two at a time.  You blast when two appear that add up to the number you chose (example, 5 and 5, or 3 and 7.)  It is supposed to be a two player game and you play until someone gets 10 points (you lose a point for wrong answers.)  But Primus often plays alone just for practice.  Downside is that it doesn't give you any kind of score or feedback at the end.
(With this site, it looks like you can even create your own games.  But I have not experimented with that feature.)

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