Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mommy: The Official Book Reader

The kids and I read a lot of books. We love books. If the kids are going to get a bedtime story, it is going to be from me. If I'm at a meeting in the evening and Hubby puts them to bed himself, he will tell them that I'll come and read them one as soon as I get home (he really should stop doing this because they almost always fall asleep before I arrive, and they remember in the morning and somehow I'm the bad guy.)

Tertius doesn't have a very big attention span, though, and doesn't always snuggle up and listen with us. But apparently he has payed attention enough to know that Mommy is the official book reader.

Yesterday while I was reading to the girls, Hubby happened to be sitting nearby listening while Tertius played. I needed to blow my nose or something so when I put down the book, Hubby picked it up and kept reading in my place.

Apparently Tertius thought this was ridiculous. He started making gestures and saying things that obviously communicated that Daddy was silly and that Mommy was supposed to be doing the reading.

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