Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Food Crafts

(These are kind of late for any readers to duplicate them this year.  Sorry!)

Christmas Tree: 
Slather a sugar cone with green frosting and then decorate with candy.  To make frosting the cone easier, stick your hand inside the cone and use the other hand the do the frosting.  Some candy that we used: gumdrops, M&M's, coconut (snow), gummy worms (string of lights), sprinkles, and gummy rings.

Use a bit of frosting to glue a Rolo onto a mini powdered sugar donut for the snowman's hat.  The "coal" eyes and mouth are sunburst candies that are simply pressed into the donut.  (Sunbursts are chocolate and candy coated sunflower seeds.  They are pointed at one end, which made it easier to stick them in.)  To make the carrot nose, cut a piece of a gummy orange slice and stick it in the middle of the donut.

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