Monday, April 15, 2013

Being the Weird Aunt

Our nine year old niece spent a night with us over Spring Break.  I told her about when her father was in high school and that he did shot put and discus with the track and field team. 

When Primus heard this, she excitedly told us that they did discus in the "Ancient Greek games"  (aka Olympics.) 

Prompted by that comment, we found out that our niece had never heard of Ancient Greece, Athens, Zeus, or anything else related. 

She might as well have stuck a dagger in the heart of Hubby (or as I like to call him, Mr. History)!

I think I might just have to be the weird Aunt and host a history camp or something this summer.  :)  I'm already planning on giving the older kids a reading assignment during their vacation. 

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