Monday, April 22, 2013

"Mommy, Daddy love you!"

We've been in our house now for almost a year.  But I still haven't put pictures on the wall yet.  The only thing that's up is a collage of wedding photos above our fireplace. 
This afternoon totally out of nowhere, Tertius stared laughing and said, "Mommy, Daddy love you!"
I asked him how he knew that Daddy loved me.  He pointed to this picture
and said, "Daddy cuddling you!"  Then he laughed some more. 

I am so glad I got our wedding pictures hung up.  I think it's really important for children to know that their parents love each other.  I love that seeing this picture brought so much joy to my little boy!

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  1. Honestly, this post warmed my heart.

    I grew up a child of divorce. I was not old enough to remember my parents being married, let alone in the same room (or state!). My only examples of parental marriage were my grandparents who literally hated each other. I never saw them kiss, hug, embrace. ONCE my grandmother put her arm on my grandpa - on his BIRTHDAY. I had no examples of happy, loving adults growing up and it definitely stunted my relationships.

    My parents' wedding photos adorned their dining room (and still do) and it was always super creepy. Because they weren't married anymore. The photos could have been models from a catalog for as much meaning as they had for me.

    I want a zillion wedding photos. I love photos anyway but it's such an important day.