Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Over in the Meadow

Remember this song?  For our Mommy-and-Me music class, we found this really cool version

Recently we spent a lot of time in the car one day and my girls had this song on their mind so they sang it a lot.  Good thing there are so many verses so it didn't get too annoying!

But the best part was when they started making up their own verses.  For each of the verses they figured out that they had to choose a habitat, describe something about the habitat, pick an animal that lives there, and choose an action for the animal to do.  It was nice that we had just finished studying habitats, so they had lots of material fresh on their minds.

Each verse also includes a number so admittedly, their verses didn't rhyme correctly, but I was super impressed at their creativity!

Here's a couple examples of what they came up with:

Over in the jungle
where the vines grow long,
Lived an old mother monkey
and her little monkeys 12.
Swing said the mother.
We swing said the 12.

Over in the dessert
where the sun is so hot,
Lived an old mother camel
and her little camels 15.
Walk said the mother.
We walk said the 15.

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