Monday, March 3, 2014

Acorn Cap Math

 The new novelty math manipulative in our house is this simple jar of acorn caps. 

 I collected a bunch last fall and filled up this empty Wet-Ones wipes container. Then I mod-podged some construction paper on it to cover the old label.  I also mod-podged on that red pocket.  It was a little tricky to get the right angle for the paper to create a good pocket for the index cards.  And frankly, I'm waiting for it to get ripped off!

These are the index card activities I have so far.  I was trying to think of things that Tertius could do on his own. 

The stacking activity is particularly hard because they are not uniform shape.  The card that says to sort singles and doubles is for sorting out the ones where two acorn caps were connected together.  But then I noticed that he started pulling them all apart so that card may need to be thrown away!  The cards at the bottom with the 3 and 4 on them represent cards that have numbers 1-9 on them.  He is supposed to count that many acorn caps and place them on top of the correct card.

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