Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mac'N'Cheese Casserole

You know those nights when you go, "Holy cow!  It's 5 o'clock already and I have no idea what we're eating for dinner!  What do you guys want to eat?"

Often in our house the answer is "Mac'N'Cheese!" (The blue box.) I've gotten tired of explaining to them (*cough* Hubby *cough*) that macaroni and cheese (especially the overly processed junk we buy) does not constitute a meal.

So instead I make it into a meal.  I've learned that my kids are more willing to taste new vegetables when I serve it in this casserole versus serving them on their own as a side dish.  I grew up on casseroles. All the important food groups for the meal in one dish.  Only one member of the household complains about the sacred macaroni and cheese being adulterated (*cough* Hubby *cough*.)  On this day Primus learned that she likes water chesnuts.

So here it is, my super easy recipe (can you even call it a recipe?) for a quick meal on those nights when you don't know what to cook and you want even the picky eaters to eat.  It's definitely not the healthiest dinner we eat, but it includes vegetables so I call it a win!

The rough recipe below is enough for our family of 6 to eat dinner plus lunch the next day.

Mac'N'Cheese Casserole

1. Cook 1 pound frozen vegetables according to package directions.
2. Cook 2-3 boxes macaroni and cheese according to package directions.
3. When you add the cheese powder/milk/butter to the macaroni, also add the vegetables and about 6 cut up hotdogs.
4. Stir it all up and serve.


  1. Yummy! I will have to try this with my kids. Have you found any veggies that don't work in it?

  2. The only thing that I've put in it so far that got complaints was broccoli. But that's just because they don't like cooked broccoli at at :)