Saturday, April 18, 2015

Library Discoveries #3 Movies and Music

Did you know the public library has more to offer than just books?  This is installment #3 in a series about the many things that can be checked out from my local public library.  The library has so many things to offer, but I'm going to focus on things that are kid-centric. 

This one may be a big "DUH!" for some people, but I decided to include it anyway.  :)


Kid Videos

We don't have cable so the kids like to get a lot of videos at the library.

Our branch usually has a good selection of kids shows.  The only frustrating part is that sometimes the discs are really scratched up.  It's even worse because our DVD player is pretty sensitive.  Sometimes the DVD refuses to read the disc or it freezes, but the same DVD will be fine in the computer.

What's great is that they don't just have PBS cartoons.  They also get major motion pictures!  We've checked out Frozen on two separate occasions.  With the popular movies you have to reserve them through the website and get on a waiting list, though.


I like to pick up educational DVD's to have on the shelf for it we're having a sick day or a Mommy-is-too-busy-to-teach-but-we-can't-take-an-actual-holiday day.  Our favorites are the DK Eyewitness series, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and most things by Schlessinger Media.

For the Grown-ups

Hubby and I occasionally get some good stuff for ourselves, too.  Documentaries, TV series, and major motion pictures (both classic and current.)


I refuse to listen to kids' music in the car.  I'd rather listen to talk radio (which drives the kids crazy) or pop music on the radio (with my finger on the volume control to sensor as needed.)  But the library's extensive children's CD collection has been helpful when I have taken a turn leading our Mommy-and-Me music class.

If the month's theme is "animals," for example, then I quickly look at the back of every CD to read track titles and guess if it seems to go with the theme.  Then I take my huge stack home and decide which CD's to keep and use (no more than 10 songs are needed.)  I have found some really cool music that I otherwise wouldn't have known about.  My favorite find was Recess Monkey.  They've got some cool songs.

Stayed tuned for the next installment!

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