Thursday, May 7, 2015

Practicing Different Skill Levels with Games

After posting last night about my thoughts on homeschooling three children, I remembered something else that has helped me teach more than one kid at once.  Games!

This Word Bump game by This Reading Mama is really good.  Each kid uses it to practice their own list of sight words or spelling words.  It doesn't matter if they are at totally different levels.

I also picked up a while ago some random game boards that didn't have any included pieces, dice, or rules (you can easily make your own).  So we made up our own rules.

Basically, when it's your turn, you read your sight word, spell your spelling word, identify an alphabet sound, or do a math fact.  If you were correct, then you get to roll the dice.

Again, this works really well with any skill that each kid needs to practice and at any level.

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