Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time to Buy More Markers!

I can't wait for the back-to-school sales to start.  We are in desperate need of new markers.  I just went through our box and threw away a bunch of dead markers.  It seems like every time I do this, which is every couple months, I find a whole handful of dry markers.

This box may seem sufficiently full, but I assure you, it is mostly extra caps.  I keep all lids because I never want the kids to leave a marker to dry up with the excuse, "but I can't find the lid!"

This used to be one of my huge pet peeves-leaving lids off markers.  I used to get so angry!  Each marker represents money!  And that's in short supply these days.  I was frequently heard screaming, "Click the lid!!!"

But at the beginning of this school year I decided the fight just wasn't worth it.  I bought a few new packages on sale then explained to the kids (and calmly reminded them several times throughout the year) that I wasn't going to buy extra markers.  If they don't take care of them, then they will be thrown away.  And new ones won't magically appear.  And if they end up with no more red markers, then that's just gonna stink.  And maybe they'll remember next time.

Did they take care of them better this year than last? Nope.  Did they take care of them better in years past when I was hysterically crying about how expensive markers are?  Nope.

When the back-to-school sales start again, I'll go down to Walmart and pick up several packs of CraZArt's for a few bucks, and then move on.  It's really not as bad as I convinced myself it was for so long.  Peace in our home is worth way more than some boxes of cheap art supplies.

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