Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Read to Rover

Today after picking up Secundus from preschool, we headed over to the library to check out a program they have for school-age kids.  It's called Read to Rover.  Basically the idea is that children may be nervous to read to adults and other kids.  But dogs are less intimidating.  So your kid gets to get some practice reading out loud to a dog who is trained to just sit and listen.

When we arrived, I didn't know what to expect.  But apparently it is a very popular program since there were a ton of kids there.  We got Primus' name put on the list and then went into the children's section of the library.  We picked out a couple books and the little ones got to play on the computer as we waited for almost 10 minutes for Primus' turn.  When her name was called, she strolled in and sat down with one of 5 dogs (I can't remember what her dog's name was) and started reading.  She really enjoyed it! 
When she was done reading, they punched a hole on a special bookmark for her.  Once she gets 10 punches, then she gets to take home a free book.  We will definitely be going back again next week! 

I think this program is perfect for Primus for several reasons:
1. More practice reading is always a good thing.

2. She is having FUN reading.

3. It will help her get more comfortable with dogs.

4. We have been going to the library for toddler and preschool story time since she was a year old.  It is nice for her to now have a library program for big kids.

5. We love free books!

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