Monday, October 3, 2011

Wiggle Worm

Something I am learning about Primus is that she cannot sit still.  I have never noticed this before.  But when I sit with her to do her reading lesson, she can't seem to sit in one place.  (We usually sit on the couch so I'm wondering if it would be better to have her sit at a table instead.)  She slouches, lays down, sits on her feet, sits on my lap, crosses her legs, etc. 

I guess it probably isn't a problem, and it doesn't seem to be an indication that she is bored.  But it is driving me crazy!  Today we did her lesson while sitting on a bench outside Secundus' preschool class.  After only a couple seconds, she had wiggled so much that I couldn't keep up or see what she was reading.  So I made her stop, stand up, and go through a series of physical actions to shake out the ants in her pants.  Then she sat down and did a little more reading. 

She had to do this I think 3 times during 1 lesson.  I'm not sure if it actually helped, but she thought it was great fun.  And I guess that is important, too.


  1. Little miss wiggle worm....You are a silly , silly little girl. But study and school work are important. Mommy, I used to have the kids do some type of activity that ran those wiggles out.Maybe a few trips up and down the stairs would help. She so reminds me of my Derek. I used to wrestle with him before we did home work just to slow him down enough to concentrate. Maybe try sitting at a table or desk setting.Tell her this will be her study place and not her wiggle spot. Good Luck and have fun.....

  2. Its perfectly normal and even beneficial for some kids to move around while learning. It helps them retain information. In fact, there are even high schools (few and far between, unfortunately) that are putting treadmills in math classes for the kids to use during lessons and even tests. I had one college professor who would bring snack size candy (halloween style) on test days and tell us to grab 2 or 3 pieces to eat while we were taking the test to help our brain recall the information. I would discourage the "no wiggle while learning" rule.